Practice Areas


The attorneys engaged in litigation are conversant in a variety of litigation disciplines, including the defense of personal injury and property damage claims, commercial litigation (breach of contract, dissolution of partnerships and other entities, commercial disputes and collection of debts), fiduciary litigation (trust, guardianships, and will contests), oil and gas litigation, eminent domain litigation, which includes representation of utilities, both electric and oil and gas pipelines, cities and individuals, and appeals to both state and federal appellate courts.

Attorneys in our litigation practice also represent clients in admiralty matters including ship collisions, personal injuries, cargo losses and damage, oil spills, arbitrations, and regulatory matters before the United States Coast Guard, Customs Service, Immigration and Naturalization Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture and the Texas General Land Office.

The real estate and energy section includes traditional real estate transactions, financing and banking, oil and gas sales and leasing transactions and opinions concerning ownership and rights of parties in interest. It also includes representation of electric transmission and distribution utilities, and electric cooperatives, including representation before regulatory authorities, and electric consumers.

The attorneys in the estate planning and probate practice advise clients on planning for the preservation of wealth, trusts, estate taxes and prepare wills, trusts, family partnerships and other documents to enable clients to pass their estates to their chosen beneficiaries. They also probate the estates of clients in appropriate courts, and represent clients in guardianship and related proceedings.

Closely related to the estate planning and probate is the representation of clients in fiduciary litigation, such as dissolution or preservation of trusts, breach of fiduciary duty claims, and similar claims by and against fiduciaries.

Our attorneys also represent non-profit entities such as charitable foundations and other eleemosynary institutions. This multi-disciplinary practice may include litigation, real estate, commercial transactions and a variety of legal challenges that are presented to non-profits.

The attorneys engaged in the transactions and business entity practice aid clients in determining the best type of business entity in which to conduct business suited to the client’s particular circumstances, form business entities, and record them with appropriate governmental agencies, engage in the negotiation of contracts and financing arrangements and the preparation of the documents to memorialize the client’s business transactions.

Our attorneys also represent governmental entities. This may include the commercial and real estate transactions of the governmental entity, taxation, advice on relations with other governmental entities, and responding to the citizens served by the governmental unit.